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Summer Soap Collection

Summer Soap Collection

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Discover the essence of summer with our all-new handmade natural soap collection, meticulously crafted to elevate your skincare routine. Infused with the purest ingredients found in nature, each bar is a blend of nourishing botanicals and invigorating scents inspired by the season—think sun-ripened citrus, soothing aloe vera, and delicate floral notes that transport you to a summer garden. Created with care and expertise, our soaps not only cleanse but also hydrate and pamper your skin, leaving it refreshed and radiant. Embrace the freshness of summer with our artisanal collection, where every soap is a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability.

This set includes: 

  • Night In Soap 
  • Pupsik Soap 
  • Golden Amber Soap
  • Sandalwood Soap

Refer to individual soap bars for scents.

Each bar measures 2.75" wide x 2.75" tall x 1" thick and weigh about 4 oz. 

We would love to know what you think. If you could leave some feedback once you've tried it we would greatly appreciate it.

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